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Sunday, 23 September 2012

More People Cooking

Hello food.....

I had a lovely surprise on Friday when  up on my Facebook popped a picture of my Noodley Doodley Doo soup that a friend had made.

Sarah's Noodley Doodley Doo Soup
Unfortunately, the way life goes, I haven't seen Sarah in a good few years now, so it was great to see someone else, other than the people I pester about Jess's Messes everyday are really enjoying making the recipes.

It looks fantastic, Sarah's comments about the recipe were: "Just cooked an amazing tea - Jess's 'Noodley Doodley Doo Soup'... It was yummy and will definitely make it again :) thanks for the mess xx" It's great to get such lovely feedback. The only shame with this, is that I wasn't there to eat it - It looks DELICIOUS!

Thanks Sarah for trying out the recipes and letting me know how you are getting on! I will look forward to hopefully more pictures in the future! :)


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