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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Reviews please

Hello food.....

Yesterday I had the first Jess's Messes complaint. I say complaint, I use the term loosely. A friend was creating one of my recipes and noticed that I had beansprouts in the recipes, but no where in the method did they appear. This has been rectified in the book now and I will go through and check everything.

However, now the time has come that I need people to test my recipes. If you decide to use one and find there is a similar issue, please let me know!

But most importantly if you try a recipe then please let me know what you think. If you could get a photo of you with your finished product too I would love to see it. I've bought the website but until I have that up and running properly, if you just post the picture on your Facebook and 'tag' Jess Messes in it then I will be able to see it and I can feature you on this blog!

Any other comments or feedback would also be massively appreciated!

Thanks for your support!


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