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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Hello food.....

The reason the Detest yet Respect Mushroom Tart recipe was created was clearly not for me to enjoy! However, I wanted to make more vegetarian recipes and having 2 handy vegetarians at my work I asked them what they like. Mushrooms were mentioned, and so the recipe was created.

Now this recipe has been attempted by previously mentioned vegetarian Jane and look at what a success it was. It works out well for me people trying out my recipes, as I can then make sure it is written down for people to completely understand, but also it's really interesting and exciting to see the finished results.

So a massive round of applause for Jane, I really am truly impressed with this effort, the pastry looks FANTASTIC and she assured me it was really tasty also! Congratulations!

If anyone else makes a recipe, from the book or the blog, please either upload the pictures to the Jess's Messes Facebook Page, or email, and I will be sure to do a feature on here about you!:)

Thank you Thank you!

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