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Monday, 10 October 2011

Cake, coffee, tea, money

Hello food.....

At work my first event to plan was one of the 'Macmillan world's biggest coffee mornings'. However this was slightly different as had to be held in the afternoon, so was a 'coffee afternoon.' With my limited supplies this is how the room turned out, to be honest, the decoration was not important, people were really only there for the food. I made:

  • Zesty citrusy drizzley cakey cake (a new Jess's Messes creation)
  • Tangy cheesy twists
  • Onion tasty tartlets
  • Crazy cupcakes (that aren't crazy in anyway, just have pink icing)
  • Secret shortbread (no one will EVER get this recipe)
We managed to raise £164 just through a donation box and a raffle for the below hamper, so I'm thinking of doing a cake sale soon to see how much I can raise through that! People always want to eat cake, so hopefully even mooooorrreeeeeeee.....

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