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Monday, 10 October 2011

76 days!

Hello food.....


I may have always been known for my ridiculous christmas excitement and this may seem like I am taking it to the extreme! However, really I am just being sensible and planning in advance!

Jess's Messes raffle prize hamper
I made this hamper


as a raffle prize for a 'coffee afternoon' that I held at my new work and suddenly a plan began forming in my food obsessed head. I am going to offer my hampers for people to buy (at an undecided but very reasonable price) over christmas! I'm going to have to think it through to make sure I make the sort of things that last, so people can get them a few days before christmas and they still taste beautiful by the wonderful day!

I already have an order for 2 from the winner of this hamper, maybe now is the time Jess's Messes takes over the world????

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