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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Pizza Party Pleasure

I had the lovely DriveWorks ladies over to my house on Red Nose Day to make some tasty Jess's Messes pizza creations completely from scratch, along with red drinks and red clothes and red lipstick!

I organised the most important thing first, the cocktails:


- blend the ice strawberries and vodka together, until slush, place in glass, top with prosecco!

 Then it was time to concentrate on food. So I got making the base and Nicola made a fantastic tomatoey, garlicky, oreganoey sauce! As we waited for the dough to rise there was plenty of time to eat crisps and my famous Jess's Messes Slightly Spicy Salsa - that appears at every party I do!

Time now to make pizzas - so we all made the based - Sarah making a fantastically shaped one - very impressed!!!! Then it was time to add the best bit, the toppings. Maria had brought along some lovely deli meats, so we included them on the meaty pizza, whilst Jane piled on the mushrooms to the veggie pizza.

 After 20 minutes or so in a medium oven the feast could begin, it truly was fantastic, and I was so so impressed with everyone! It all tasted fantastic! The red drinks kept flowing, pink champagne, red wine etc... Pizza really is such a great solution when you have a mixed group of people: veggies, picky people (me and sarah) and meat eaters, as everyone can make their own perfect pizza!

I hope they all enjoyed the evening as much as me and will come back again soon!

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