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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Tarts in a tart in tart

Hello food.....
Happy Tart

Luckily for me I have very clever and talented friends that can help with all manner of Jess's Messes related things!

The latest one is Jane, who has been helping me with all my accountancy and organisational things.

As a thank you I created a specificly requested foodie delight, which appears to have gone down very well indeed. Here are her lovely words of feedback:


Thank you so much for my tarts in a tart (in a tart).  You make the impossible, possible and delicious!

I’ve always loved the cheese and onion flavour, but the addition of balsamic vinegar in a couple of them was inspired, such a lovely flavour.  I think it possibly replaces my previous favourite of the mushroom and , which for a mushroom fan is always a winner.
Tarts in a tart

I LOVE the new tomato,
mascarpone and basil – hopefully this will be included in the hamper tart

options next year!

Thanks again J


A thing to create for a person that has helped me out incredibly and lovely feedback. All in all a good food moment! :)


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